1-5 The Last Circle


“With that the triangle is completed, but the latter in its turn should be transformed into a circle, which means that it has to be transformed into unchangeable redness. And by this action woman turns into man and they become a unity, and the sixth number, the first of the perfect numbers, is perfected by One, and two is perfected when it has returned to monad, in which there is rest and eternal peace.” –Atalanta Fugiens.  Emblem XXI


Another historically popular way of dividing up the macrocosm is to divide the heavens into twelves. The good news is you don’t have to learn much of anything new. Many of you will be used to seeing the year carved up in to sun signs and newspaper horoscopes. valentinus_xvi

The twelves are portioned into six masculine and six feminine signs. Each of the four elements rules over a host of three signs. Our tria prima can be can be equated to the Mutable, Cardinal or Fixed. We can even slap out sevens in there in a weird system of 5 + 7  dependant on the ruling planet for each sign.

But really. You don’t need it. If you’ve already learnt the previous divisions the way these can be mixed and matched in the realm of the fixed stars should be common sense.

Maier and others take us back to the circle though. Maybe it’s best to think of this one in much the same way as our first circle. It is the bringing back to wholeness. It could be the monad. It could be nature, or chaos. It could be the ultima materia that emerges from the prime.