4 – Method

More to follow

For now we can take a page from Jean Dubuis: “…the work [] consists in re-reading the content of the lessons often and in actually performing the exercises which are suggested. The goal of the class is not to pass on to you a mini- encyclopedia of esoteric knowledge but to provide a basis, a spring board, toward the individual inner path. For this reason, apart from the material on the cultural aspects of esotericism, the class offers a personal method of initiation that strives to detach itself from ancient or modern Egregores. This method, which includes meditation exercises, is based on a numeric and geometric symbolism of a universal nature which, as a matter of fact, renders it less prone to the sway of the various Egregores (see Lesson # 1).” -Jean Dubuis, The Philosophers of Nature. The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge