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In alchemy, Silver corresponds to nature, the moon, increase and decrease, all things white, and the bride in our alchemical wedding. Further comparisons can be made to lunar goddesses such as Artemis, Mondays and infancy.

Silver houses a special significance in the catalog of alchemical metals. Unlike gold, it can tarnish over time. It lacks the immortal aspect of gold.


The moon is the nearest of the planetary spheres. In the ‘ages of man’ she aligns with infancy.

Cross Check

Some aspects of Valentinian gnosticism are a great aid in helping us understand Sol and Luna. According to Valentinus, man can be occupied in one of thee ways. The Hylic, is occupied with matter. This doesn’t mean that hylics are all shop-a-holics. It does however mean that they focus themselves on worldly things. As far as I’m concerned, that could be their body, their house, their knowledge of biology, their work as a welder, and so many other things that are focused on the material but not necessarily ignoble. This is our lead.
Luna mirrors Valentinus’ second category – The Psychic. This takes some explaining too. By “Psychic” we don’t mean crystal balls and premonitions and Sylvia Browne. Neither do we mean psychic to be ‘of the mind’, in the way we see it interpreted in words like ‘psychiatry’, and ‘psycho-somatic’.
Psyche, such as in the tale of Cupid & Psyche, is the personification of soul. ‘Psychic’ should be interpreted by us as ‘soulful’. In albification we make this change. Sol corresponds to the third category – The Pneumatic. Pneuma is breath and if you interpret the words soul and spirit in the same way I do, the pneumatic is the spiritual person. This is more than just meditating and going to church. The pneumatic is a rare breed (and I need to read more on
this but we’re talking about transcending the physical here – on the level of messiahs, and gods). We make this change in citrinitas. Maybe this is why it’s not too tough to make silver, but significantly harder to make gold.

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Look up! Look down! Look out! It’s Artemis, Isis, Diana, Phoebe, Luna, Selene, or Hecate!
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