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With Tin we descend from lead, moving closer to the planetary spheres. In our metals he is Tin or sometimes Zinc. Just like in the Hermetic model, Jupiter’s orbit lies inside Saturn’s path around the sun. In religion he is Jupiter and Zeus.

planet nugget nugget
Look up! Look down! Look out!


“In that which is manifest (that is to say, the body of Jupiter) the other six corporeal metals are spiritually concealed, but one more deeply and more tenaciously than another. Jupiter has nothing of a Quintessence in his composition, but is of the nature of the four elementaries. On this account this liquefaction is brought about by the application of a moderate fire, and, inlike manner, he is coagulated by moderate cold. He has affinity with the liquefactions of all the other metals. For the more like he is to some other nature, the more easily he is united thereto by conjunction. For the operation of those nearly allied is easier and more natural than of those which are remote. The remote body does not press upon the other. At the same time, it is not feared, though it may be very powerful. Hence it happens that men do not aspire to the superior orders of creation, because they are far distant from them, and do not see their glory. In like manner, they do not much fear those of an inferior order, because they are remote, and none of the living knows their condition or has experienced the misery of their punishment. For this cause an infernal spirit is accounted as nothing. For more remote objects are on that account held more cheaply and occupy a lower place, since according to the propriety of its position each object turns out better, or is transmuted. This can be proved by various examples. The more remote, therefore, Jupiter is found to be from Mars and Venus, and the nearer Sol and Luna, the more “goldness” or “silveriness”, if I may so say, it contains in its body, and the greater, stronger, more visible, more tangible, more amiable, more acceptable, more distinguished, and more true it is found than in some remote body. Again, the more remote a thing is, of the less account is it esteemed in all the respects aforesaid, since what is present is always preferred before what is absent. In
proportion as the nearer is clear the more remote is occult. This, therefore, is
a point which you, as an Alchemist, must seriou(S)ly debate with yourself,
how you can relegate Jupiter to a remote and abstruse place, which Sol
and Luna occupy, and how, in turn, you can summon Sol and Luna from remote
positions to a near place, where Jupiter is corporeally posited; so that, in the
same way, Sol and Luna also may really be present there corporeally before your

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For the transmutation of metals from imperfection to perfection there are
several practical receipts. Mix the one with the other. Then again separate the one pure from the other. This is nothing else but the process of permutation, set in order by perfect alchemical labour. Note that Jupiter has much gold and not a little silver. Let Saturn and Luna be imposed on him, and of the rest Luna will be augmented.”  — Attrib. Paracelsus. “Coelum Philosophorum”