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saturn“They say, our Stone is made of a stinking menstruous thing: What think you, is not Saturn digged out of a stinking Earth? For divers are killed with the ill Scents and Vapours where Saturn is digged. And the Philosophers say, our Stone is of little value, being unprepared; they say, the poor have it as well as the rich, and they say true; for there are not poorer or more miserable people to be found than those which dig and work Saturn in the mine; and they say it is to be found in all Towns and places, wheresoever you come Saturn is there. They say it is a black thing: What think you, is it not black? They say, it is a dry water, if Gold and Luna are to be refined upon the test, must it not be done with Saturn? They must be washed and tried with it as a foul garment is made clean with Soap. They say, in our Stone are the four Elements, and they say true; for the four Elements must be separated out of Saturn. They say, our Stone consists of Soul, Spirit and Body, and these three become one. They say true; when it is made fixed for the white Mercury and Sulphur with its’ Earth, then these three are one.”

– A Work of Saturn – Johann Isaac Hollandus

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