1-3-1 Salt

saltNot all salts belong on popcorn. There’s all sorts of salts and they happen when an acid and a base get together. If you’ve been through the Circle and Square you should have a pretty good idea about how you might go about making some.

Process Notes
passiveSalt and Lead are symbols we see used interchangeably in our literature. Opinions on the preparation of the salt and the imagery used to describe it are diverse. In any case, these represent the ready body. This is true whether you’re working with the bodies of plants, animals, minerals or men. It’s us, reduced to our most basic physicality and the basic instincts that keep us alive. This blend of body and emotion is what differentiates the salt of the triangle, from the earth element of the square.

When looking into alchemical process I often like to use the Lead / Luna / Sol imagery in my head. There’s a good reason for this: Lead is black. Silver is kinda white. Gold is kinda yellow. This works with the Salt / Argent Vivre / Sulpher symbolism but isn’t as apparent outside of the lab, on a piece of paper. When we take these concepts and apply them to the alchemical process this sheds light on the manufacture of the stone

  • Nigredo (blackening) is nothing more than working with lead

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  • Albedo (whitening) is nothing more than building good silver
  • Citrinitas (yellowing) is nothing more than making pure gold
  • Rubedo (reddening) is nothing more than a really nice chunk of cinnabar